Sharing Some Quotes by the Great Grand Prix Drivers (from ‘The Red Helmet’)


Article Title: Sharing Some Quotes by the Great Grand Prix Drivers (from ‘The Red Helmet’)

Submitted by Craig Lock
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“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”




A lot of people go through life doing things badly. Racing is important to men who do it well. When you re racing, it’s life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.”

– Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans (1971)



“This was such an important victory for me. It’s the old thing everyone says: you win your first Grand Prix and your mentality changes. Before you thought you could do it; now you know you can.”

– the words of triple World Champion, Alain Prost after winning the French Grand Prix in July 1981

“I don’t give a shit for fame, I don’t give a shit for society. I don’t want to make friends with anybody who’s important. I just want to win.”

– Nelson Piquet (two-time Brazilian world champion)

Some balance in your life now please, Nelson (and not values to impart to young Nelson, jnr)

“All the top drivers are difficult people with complex personalities. I wouldn’t go so far as to say nice guys finish last; but the best Formula 1 drivers are driven, motivated, pushy, won’t-accept-second-best, immensely competitive people. That’s what makes them so good – because they’re bastards.”

– team owner, Frank Williams


Ayrton Senna

(Recently voted the best Grand Prix driver of all time by over 200 past and current drivers)

“If anybody ever sold their soul to win a championship, Senna did; the commitment was just frightening. Every time he was in the car, he was out to prove to everyone, he was the next World Champion. Now he has done it (in 1988), and has the chance to turn down the wick that he’s been burning so intensely all year, he may be able to go on to this thing called ‘greatness’ and become the best driver of his era.’

– Irish driver, John Watson

“Suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was kind of driving by instinct, only I was in a different dimension. I was way over the limit; but still I was able to find even more. It frightened me, because I realised I was well beyond my conscious understanding.”

“Senna is a genius. I define genius as just the right side of imbalance. He is highly developed to the point, where he is almost over the edge. It’s a close call.”

– British driver and now TV commentator, Martin Brundle

“Ayrton has a small problem. He thinks he can’t kill himself, because he believes in God and I think that’s very dangerous for the other drivers.”

– Alain Prost (Senna s great rival and triple world-champion)

“I think the guy is a nutter. He is completely out of control.”

– Irish driver Eddie Irvine, who became team-mate to Michael Schmacher at Ferrari

“Prost is very wound up at the moment – and I think, to some extent, he’s wound himself up. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him lose his cool. Unfortunately, it seems that Senna has got the psychological war completely won. At the moment I think Alain’s motivation is suspect, although his motivation certainly isn’t. But I think being bonked on the head by Senna has, if anything, pushed iot downhill rather than uphill.”

– the thoughts of colourful former British World Champ, James Hunt on the Senna-Prost feud of the late eighties early 1990’s, which started when they were “equal number ones” at McLaren

(similarly to Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in 2008 but with far greater intensity and animosity)

“I think that, in comparison to Ayrton, my speed is OK. He’s just perfect. He’s confident within himself, after all the success he has had. It’s rubbish to say I can beat him. He’s consistently perfect.”

– Austrian Gerhard Berger

Ayrton Senna’s search for perfection took him to places where no driver had been before.

“Ayrton had won the race (1992 Hungarian GP in Budapest) and as I stood on the podium and tried to take in the enormity of it all, he was in a most benevolent mood. He put his arm around me, hugged me, and said: ‘Well done, Nigel. It’s such a good feling, isn’t it? Now you know why I’m such a bastard. I don’t ever want to lose the feeling or let anyone else experience it.'”

“Prost has a Wiliams contract and he has a clause in there which vetoes me driving… and there’s nothing you can do about it. He simply doesn’t want to compete with me in the same car.”

– Senna

Other sources of reference include the following publications: ‘Autocar’, ‘Autosport’, ‘F1 Racing’, ‘Grand Prix International’, ‘Motoring News’, ‘Motor Racing’, ‘Motor Sport’, ‘The Autocar’ and ‘The Engineer’.

“I love to feel a racing car around me, to feel the way it holds me.

I love to make it do all that it was built to do, and then a little bit more.”

– Stirling Moss, my boyhood hero and the greatest driver never to win the coveted world championship (he came second four times)

“That day I had everything turned on and firing on all cylinders. I was ready to do anything. Whichever way you looked at it, it was an extraordinary race. When it was all over, I was convinced that I would never be able to drive like that again never! I had reached the limit of my concentration and will to win. Those were the two things that allowed me to take the risks I did that day. I knew I could win; but I knew equally I could lose.

I was stretching myself to the limit. I was trying out new things, pushing myself further at many blind spots, where I never before had the courage to go the limit. I was never a daredevil, never a spectacular driver. I would try to win as slowly as possible. Until that race I had never demanded more of myself or the cars. Whenever I shut my eyes, it was as if I were in the race again, making those leaps in the dark on those curves, where I had never before had the courage to push things so far. For two days I experienced delayed action apprehension at what I had done, a feeling that had never come over me after any other race, a feeling that still returns to me this day when I think about that time. I had never driven as I drove then; but I also knew I’d never be able to go as fast again- ever!”

And Juan Manuel Fangio didn’t. That epic race, the German Grand Prix in the year 1957 was to be the five-time Argentinian world champion’s last victory!

I was taught that everything is attainable, if you re prepared to give up, to sacrifice, to get it. Whatever you want to do, you can do it, if you want to do it badly enough. However, most humans quit too soon in life.”

– former British racing driver Stirling Moss’s famous quote


“Let us reach for the world that ought to be, that spark of the divine, that still stirs witin each one of us.”

– the words of Barack Obama in accepting his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway

If YOU set your heart on it, you can test, challenge and surpass your own “perceived limits” as YOU too “get into your own zone”.

Reach for the stars and discover the champion of life in YOU …through playing your own brand of music on the magical journey of life!

Craig Lock (“Information and Inspiration Distributer + totally unmusical motor racing fanatic and petrol-head”)

“Champions aren’t made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – an inner flame that burns brightly…with purpose, desire and passion.

True champions live the dream, the vision of who and what they can one day become…. even a long time before it happens.”

– craig

” I truly believe we can ALL create and enthuse magic into ‘so-called humdrum little lives’. You don’t just have to be the choreographer, or the conductor of your life script – rather paint your life as the masterpiece it could (one day) be. There is a rich tapestry of talent in every human soul, that flows through the spirit of God.

So don’t spend your days stringing and tuning your instrument; start making and playing your unique tunes of music right now.”

“Success: how and the spirit with which you face, then overcome the daily obstacles, the frequent trials and tribulations along the often rocky path-way of life’s magical and mysterious journey.

Light your path brightly.”

– craig

About the submitter:

Craig is a motor racing “fanatic” ( a petrol-head”), who believes in (and loves) helping others to find their passions and gifts… through encouraging people to reach out for, then accomplish their “wildest” dreams. He truly believes people can overcome obstacles, rise to any occasion, and accomplish their dreams, even ‘Endless Possibilities, Far and Great Horizons’ in life with enough FAITH COMMITMENT and PERSISTENCE.

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“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let’s see how many people we can impact, encourage, empower, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials…and so become ‘ever more champions of life’.”

These thoughts may be freely published



“To drive fearlessly to win is to win another race – the race against fear –

(trophies themselves are but symbols to delight old age);

To challenge your fellow man in peaceful pursuit

Of courage is the epitome of courage;

To lose the race with grace is the embodiment of grace itself.

To triumph is to achieve glory

But glory is empty without the overthrow of fear, the acquisition

Of courage, of grace –

For the possession of these is the true glory.

Good breeding is displayed in the ability to lose well

And is primarily engendered by respect:

Respect is created by the acknowledgement not of the other man’s shortcomings or faults

But essentially the acknowledgement of his virtues –

For without virtue

What is man – be he on the track challenging the fates,

Or on a bed of sleep?


(from The International Grand Prix Book of Motor Racing (Edited by Michael Frewin and first published by Leslie Frewin, London in 1965)

“Aim at the stars, because you might just reach them.”

For dearest dad and ‘pal’, another ‘champion’ – see the dream never died…it’s just taken another course!

“Sometimes you have to give up the life you had planned… in order to live the life you were meant to live.”


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