“Top sportspeop…



“Top sportspeople don’t have exclusive access to the Zone and like the finest music, the bliss can be shared. We should be grateful that down here, we can experience life ‘out of the Zone’ as well. This may just be the real heaven, the sweetest spot of all.”

– brilliant (and powerful) writing from Clyde Brolin in his fascinating book Overdrive: Formula One in the Zone
Get (and read, study) this amazing book (at least I find it so!)

Aim at the earth and you may not get off the ground.

“Aim at the stars and you may reach the moon.”

“Aim at heaven and you’ll have earth thrown in…

and you may even hit the stars.”

– craig (as inspired by the famous quote by CS Lewis – 24th May 2012)

As we live and move and have our being, so from this vision, we create heaven…

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