A “Review” of the Book ‘Bounce’: How Champions are Made’ (by Matthew Sayed)



Article Title: A “Review” of the Book ‘Bounce’: How Champions are Made’ (by Matthew Sayed)

Shared by: Craig Lock
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by Matthew Sayed, a journalist with the Times of London (and published by a division of Harper Collins)

Sayed maintains that It (success) is not about talent. It’s about the transformational power of practice – the time and immense effort you put in to develop your skills. There is no short-cut to the very top, to become a champion. Practice is transformative, not only for the body… but in the mind.
The psychologist Ericson was right. To develop the complexity of skills takes many thousands of hours.
However, champions also need opportunity (or rather opportunities). Excellence is the consequence of thousands of hours of practice, but champions need skills to translate under pressure.
Belief in God liberated some champions to play great sport. Eg: “With God (or Allah) on my side, I couldn’t lose.”
– Muhammad Ali (and British triple-jumper Jonathan Edwards)

In other words, the ‘placebo effect’ transcends medicine:
“Positive illusion”
Champions also use mental tools, like:
Positive imagery

In summary…
Relevant and powerful is perceptual awareness (and not better reactions) that makes the difference in performance between elite
sports-people… and that these skills are acquired, then developed over many years.

Matthew Sayed suggests that BELIEF, rather than ability will determine our level of success?? (what do YOU think).The central fundamental theme of this fascinating and compelling book hinges on a word BELIEF – that excellence depends on many hours of practice, rather than our innate abilities.
After all these years a glimmer of hope for me then…

In developing YOUR craft to the fullest with hard work, persistence, patience and especially PRACTICE, discover the champion in YOU!

Shared by Craig Lock (“Information and Inspiration Distributor, Incorrigible Encourager and People-builder”)

The greatest mountain we need to climb lies in our our own minds”. It’s not the highest mountain that we conquer, but ourselves, our own mentality. Overcoming perceived limits to reach (attain) the pinnacle of our own minds.”
– craig (as inspired by the words of Sir Edmund Hillary, conquerer of Mount Everest (1919-2008)
“Time after time we are forced to wonder why one great talent succeeds… and another still greater talent falls short? The reason is not mere “the will to win”. Rather it is the will to be tested at the very highest level. It is the ability to not only dwell on the far edge of sporting possibility, but to hold one’s balance…and to relish the proximity of the void.”
-The Times, London

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
– Muhammad Ali

“One person with a dream can accomplish more than 100 others without one. If you have a burning desire, you can accomplish anything. The biographies of great men and women are full of stories of how they did seemingly impossible things because they had a dream.”
– author unknown

” Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. “
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Oh man! There is no planet sun or star could hold you, if you but knew what you are.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

” I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.”
– Abraham Lincoln

About the Submitter:

Craig believes (and loves) in helping others to find their passions and gifts… through encouraging people to reach out for then accomplish their “wildest” dreams. He truly believes people can overcome obstacles, rise to any occasion, and accomplish their dreams in life with enough FAITH and PERSISTENCE. www.craiglockbooks.comhttp://www.selfgrowth.com/experts/craig_lock.html

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The submitter’s motor racing blogs (with extracts from his various writings: articles, books and new manuscripts) are at http://grandprixdriver.wordpress.com

STOP. Enough there now, craig. Your “signature” is already longer than your article!

OK, then I’ll just add a bit to the article

”He who cherishes a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in his heart, will one day realize it.
Dream lofty
dreams and as you dream so shall you become.”
– James Allen

“No vision and you perish; No Ideal, and you’re lost; Your heart must ever cherish Some faith at any cost. Some hope, some dream to cling to, Some rainbow in the sky, Some melody to sing to, Some service that is high.”
– Harriet Du Autermont

“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let’s see how many people we can impact, encourage, empower, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials.”


Most importantly,
have FUN enjoying the life journey


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