VIDEO McLaren marks 50th anniversary with short film “Courage”

McLaren Courage Short Film

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Posted Feb 1st 2013 11:35PM


It’s been 50 years since Bruce McLaren founded his now world-famous Formula One team. For half a century, the name has been at the forefront of racing and performance development, and to mark its golden anniversary, the company has crafted three short films. The first, titled simply “Courage,” follows a fictionalized version of the team’s founder as he recounts his brief life on the day of his death. At just under four minutes, the quick clip manages to succinctly capture the passion and drive not only of the man himself, but in the team he inspired.

The short film concludes with a few lines McLaren penned himself on the death of teammate Timmy Mayer.

“To do something well is so worthwhile that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy. Indeed, life is not measured in years alone, but in achievement.” Amen. You can watch the full clip below for yourself.

News Source: McLaren via YouTube

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