Article Title: Thinking for a Change (from Inspirational Books)

Category (key words): Mind, mind-power, self help books, self help, personal growth, motivational and inspirational books, John Maxwell, success, success principles, achievement, thought, power of thought, motivation, inspiration, empowerment (enough there for now, craig)

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The submitter’s blogs (with extracts from his various writings: articles, books and new manuscripts) are at http://drmartinlutherking.wordpress.com/www.buildbridgesofunity.wordpress.comwww.buildbridgesofunderstanding.wordpress.comwww.breakdownwalls.wordpress.comwww.religiousunity.wordpress.comand http://craigsblogs.wordpress.

Other Articles are available at: http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/user/15565 and http://www.ideamarketers.com/library/profile.cfm?writerid=981
(Personal growth, self help, writing, internet marketing, spiritual, ‘spiritual writings’ (how ‘airey-fairey’), words of inspiration

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