Inside The Mind of a Grand Prix Champion (from ‘Endless Possibilities, Far and Grand Horizons’ – NEW)

Article Title: Inside The Mind of a Grand Prix Champion (from ‘Endless Possibilities, Far and Grand Horizons’)
Author Name: Craig Lock
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We hope that the following article (some notes in point form extracted from one of Craig’s first manuscripts on sport psychology ‘The Winning Mind’ *, together with some thoughts from a new “work”, which he’s currently writing titled ‘Endless Possibilities, Far and Grand Horizons’) may be informative and helpful to your e-zine readers, or on your web site.
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Submitter’s Note:
Craig is currently “working” on a new manuscript ‘INSIDE THE MIND OF A GRAND PRIX CHAMPION, which forms part of true and inspirational stories of ‘Endless Possibilities: Let the Journey Begin’.

Article Summary

In this article, we’ll take a look inside the head, the “top two inches” of the very best, the fastest racing drivers on planet earth.
What does it take to get to the very top…in sport and in life?

To “roar off” the starting grid…

Firstly and most importantly,
# TALENT: Work on what you are good at and what makes you “special”… and everyone has a unique gift(s). (Thank goodness we are all different!)
Ask yourself: “What comes easily to me?”

# DESIRE (burning/great)
The competitive fire of “pure racers” like Canadian Gilles Villeneuve,. who gave his all with his ‘rage to win’.
“Gilles has a rage to win, more than any other driver.” *
– former legendary Ferrari chief engineer, Mauro Forghieri
“Once I climb into the cockpit, it’s pure rage.”
– the words of Indycar champion, New Zealander, Scott Dixon
# PASSION: It’s a matter of loving what you do. You do it, even if there’s no money, no recogniton and glory is/was involved…. initially.
What motivates you, what presses your “hot buttons”
“Do what you love… and the money will surely follow.”
# VISION: From an early age, these exceptional achievers had a dream, a mission for their lives.
Many champions had a childhood dream, to be a fireman, a nurse, a writer…or even a racing driver!
# CHARACTER: graft, dedication + commitment to sustain you on the long difficult journey to the very top of your field. No doubt the top racing driver has had to make many sacrifices, financial, emotional and in relationships, to achieve what they have done.

# FOCUS and CLARITY OF PURPOSE: A single-minded pursuit of one’s goal, steadily and persisently striving for the very “top of the tree”… even though it may take years and years.
“The road to success is littered with failure.”
# WORK is a “four-letter word”! Putting in the “hard graft” takes a lot of effort and involves many sacrifices on the path to the very top..
# CHALLENGE: Champions love a ‘sense of challenge’ – to overcome huge obstacles, Even from an early age they wanted to test themselves against others; so constantly challenge themselves (and their competitors). To achieve the “seemingly impossible” on the way to the very top.

“Failure is only final, if it is permanently accepted as being so.
Success means trying once again and picking yourself off the canvas.”
– craig
It’s a “head game” in displaying your skills and abilities.
that of:
* power
* precision
* accuracy
self control.*
They put in the immense effort and necessary sacrifices preparing for the long hard road to ultimate success
# CONFIDENCE (unshakable) Champions are bold and take “calculated risks”  in testing their own limits to the absolute fullest.

“Villeneuve is a champion and a guy cannot be a champion if he doesn’t risk and Villeneuve is risking, because he has what it takes. So we’re not going to drop him from the team.” *
– Enzo Ferrari himself (after Villeneuve’s unsatisfactory start to his time at the famous marque, with numerous crashes)

“He knew what his own limits were. Those limits happened to be different from the average driver and Gilles was prepared to use those limits more often.” *
– Villeneuve’s good friend, Ray Wardell
COURAGE… to succeed in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Talent on its own is not usually enough to reach the pinacle of success!).

“The man had guts, skill and intelligence. His courage was far beyond normal standards. I’m not fearless at all; Gilles was.” *
– Fellow racing driver, Keke Rosberg (and father of current Williams Grand Prix driver, Nico)
* from GILLES VILLENEUVE: The Life of the Legendary Racing Driver by Gerald Donaldson (published by Motor Racing Publications, UK 1989)
Which leads to…
# The ability to handle PRESSURE: Self control and a strong mind.
“I began to free myself from the mental brakes and shackles that restricted my thoughts.”
– Five time World champion Moto GP rider, Valentino Rossi on leaving the all-conquering Honda team for Yamaha
# The ability to THINK POSITIVELY: to remain positive in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
# This is sourced from ones sense of SELF BELIEF.
# EGO: Grand Prix drivers have strong egos (often perceived as arrogance), being happy being “different” to us ‘mere mortals’. They accept their individuality, being happy “just being themselves”.
# THE WILL TO WIN: Grand Prix drivers, like all top athletes are driven by an almost pathological need to succeed.
Their confidence in their abilities is absolute. This is not necessarily arrogance; but a competitive edge… to be the very best at their chosen fields.
“I don’t want to live a balanced life, I just want to win.” *
– Mario Andretti (1978 Formula One World Champion)
* or words to that effect
Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”
– Vince Lombardi, Legendary Gree Bay Packer football coach
( I think US driver, Bobby Unser said much the same words).

Champion drivers have the vital ‘C’s’:
* Commitment (total)
* Great confidence in their abilities. Self Belief is the key here.
+ Demontrate great consistency of performance
*  Great powers of concentration, where the slightest mistake in 2 hours racing at Monaco, like being half a metre off the ideal line could send the car sliding into the Armco barriers sourrounding the track
* Vast amounts of courage and determination in overcoming many obstacles to get to the very top of their field
* A Meticulous mind with great attention to detail and the ability to process vast amounts of information from different sensual stimuli at the same time… almost instantaneously. Great multi-taskers (unlike this writer!).
* Champion drivers get into the rhythm, the flow of displaying their skills easily… and seemingly effortlessly. And they keep the momentum going for the entire duration of the race. So their minds and thus their driving styles are precise – displaying ‘metronomic’ precision.

* They are highly competitive sportsmen.
In a word or two, these champions all have excellent “mind management” skills (as three-time World Champion Jackie Stewart called it)
The qualities of a champion are:
* talent
* discipline
* determination
* desperation (they have the “killer instinct” to come out on top)
* dedication
* durability: The greatest sportsmen and women are those who’ve been able to replicate success year after year, ie consistently.
and finally and most importantly,
* the will to win
Whilst each of these elements above need to be present (in various dosages in drivers), these character traits are all inter-related. So ALL the ‘ingredients’ have to work in true harmony to reach the very top and so cultivate a true champion.
And each ONE of us can all learn from these champion drivers*, like Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Ronnie Peterson, Gilles Vileneuve, Ayrton Senna,  Michael Schumacher… and of course, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button ???.
If YOU set your heart on it, YOU too can became a champion!
Reach for the stars and discover the champion of life in YOU.
Craig Lock (“Information and Inspiration Distributer + motor racing fanatic”)
* and great motor-cycle riders like Valentino Rossi
“Champions aren’t made in the gym. Champions are
made from something they have deep inside them –
an inner flame that burns brightly…with purpose, desire and passion.
True champions live the dream, the vision of who and what
they can one day become…. even a long time before it happens.”

– craig
“Only when you’ve been in the deepest valley can a person know what it’s like to stand on the highest peak.”
– inspiring words from Richard Nixon, former United States President

“Success: how and the spirit with which you face, then overcome the daily obstacles, the frequent trials and tribulations along the
often rocky path-way of life’s magical and mysterious
journey. Light your path brightly.”

– craig
About the submitter:
Craig believes in helping others to find their
passions and gifts… through encouraging people to reach out for,
then accomplish their “wildest” dreams. He truly believes people can overcome obstacles, rise to any occasion, and accomplish
their dreams, even ‘Endless Possibilities, Far and Great Horizons’ in life with enough FAITH and PERSISTENCE.
The various books that Craig “felt inspired to write” are available at: and

“Our talents are our gifts from God…
but what we do with our talents are our gifts TO God.”
“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let’s see how many people we can impact, encourage, empower, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials…and so become ‘ever more champions of life’.”


Craig’s blog with thoughts and extracts from various writings is at

PPS: To dearest dad, see the dream never died.


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